• We manufacture high-precision components for international automotive and electrotechnical customers.

    The engineering processes we employ ensure high accuracy and quality of products.
    Our main focus is punch engineering of metal details using mechanical presses, production of details by machining and CNC turning, cold forging using horizontal machines, installation of mechanical components, injection of plastics, production of tools for the above processes.
    The processes we use most frequently are: punching, tape-pressing, turning, milling, steel details grinding, cold forging, grooving and thread embossing.
    Our experience allows us to provide carbon steel, stainless steel, colour metal details and fibre-glass plastic details.
    We provide reliable, high quality products, which is confirmed by the certificate ISO 9001;2008 no. 481174

    Our machine park

    Mechanical presses and other machines

    AMF has at its disposal a several punching stations (mechanical press + automatic tape feeder + tape uncoiler) that include the following types of presses: PMS16, PMS40B, PMS100, LENP63A, PE25A, PAWN100. Additionally, we have such machines as upset forging machines, rolling mills, groovers, eccentric presses, hydraulic presses, bench drills, bench tapping machines, radial riveters, spot welders, barreling machines, assembly benches. The machines and devices are manufactured by reputed Polish, Japanese, Italian, Czech and Swiss companies.

    Machines for machining

    CNC turning
    Our high-class and experienced experts ensure the products we made are high-quality. We are able to run any project that needs machining. Numerous orders and acknowledgements for our work, which we receive from our contractors proof our skills. Turning machines we have are from Hass CNC, Schaublin and also conventional turning machines; milling machines, turning machines, vertical eroding machines, grinders and sharpeners.

    Measuring devices

    Our measuring devices include ROCKWELL hardness testers, universal testing machine, microscopes, roughness testing devices, electrical height gauges, electrical sensors, slide calipers, micrometers.
    These are devices by well-known companies, which ensure error-free and high-accuracy measurements.
    Moreover, we cooperate with:
    1. Warsaw University of Technology for measurements with the 3D machine
    2. Galwanotechnika Mrągowo for measurements of electrolytic coating thickness and anti-corrosion resistance (salt spray chamber)


    Punched and pressed details
    from steel and colour metal tapes, on mechanical presses

    We produce punch and pressed details using mechanical and hydraulic presses and automatic tape feeders and uncoilers.

    Materials that we use are mainly: carbon steel and acid-resistant tapes, cold and hot-rolled; colour metals (copper, brass, bronze, beryllium, aluminium, etc.)

    Punching is conducted on technologically advanced progressive punching dies, which are designed and developed in our plant.

    We have a several dozen experience in manufacturing punched and pressed details. We provide high quality details, we use fixed controls for engineering processes based on the PPAP lev3 requirements.


    Details turned using CNC and traditional turning machines

    Production method By machining using CNC and traditional turning machines.
    Finishing Polishing, anodizing, SandingPowder coating, vacuum plating, nickel, zinc, tin, silver, platings, etc.
    Tolerance 0.01mm
    Material Aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, etc.
    Quality control ISO 9001:2008 i
    ISO/TS 16949:2009.
    Acceptable file formats AutoCad (DWG, DXF), STP, PDF, JPG, BMP


    Detailes forged on mechanical presses

    We manufacture forgings out of every type of steel and colour metals.

    For each project, we create a unique forging line using purpose-designed tools.

    Our engineers define the best usage of equipment, depending on the size of parts, weight and complexity.

    The quality of forged elements is constantly monitored throughout the entire process and also during the final control.

    Our customer base includes

        SMP POLSKA
        General Electric - w Europie
        Cooper Bussmenn Ltd

    About the company

    AMF continues good traditions of the mechanical production that started in 1970s.

    The company was established in 2012.
    The current location of the production plant of the Company has great technical traditions. As early as in 1971, the first production plant "Przedsiębiorstwo Techniczno-Produkcyjne Unitra - Unitech" was established in the site that belongs to AMF.

    In 2003 the plant was privatised and operated as MGT BOLT Spółka z o.o. Its main business activity was production for automotive and electrotechnical engineering industry.

    A natural thing was to continue the production based on technical and organisational knowledge and potential developed by former plants.

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    • Since 2013 year  the  company has a new
      QMS certificate,  ISO 9001:2008  ( _ more )
      The service is provided in accordance with applicable standards and all statutory and secondary legislations and other company requirements.
      The  company's  management  support  the
      quality policy and provide means necessary to is implementation and to increase the efficiency of the quality
      management system
      and environment